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A modern shipyard for yachts of up to 55mt


From the centuries-long experience of the Amico family comes a modern shipyard with cutting edge facilities and a broad range of services on offer, from modest service repairs right up to more complex refit jobs.

A brand of the Amico Group, established in 2010, Amico Loano is a modern shipyard dedicated to vessels and yachts of up to 55 mt, born from the centuries long experience of the Amico family in the naval field and from their twenty years of experience in the yachting sector. The shipyard is equipped with avant-garde structures and internal workshops that can provide a wide range of services.

From the simplest specialised service tasks right up to the most complex maxi-yacht refits just as for smaller craft, thanks to the dedicated infrastructures. Quality, flexibility and reliability have always been the strengths that have allowed Amico to emerge, making it leader of the refit sector. A client relationship based on maximum collaboration and transparency make Amico Loano the ideal partner for evaluating and carrying out every sort of on board intervention and a fundamental reference point for your yacht’s practicalities.

Amico Loano is situated inside the new Loano Marina, designed and built respecting high quality standards, able to provide its clients and visitors with a wide range of services so as to best fulfil any possible sort of need.

A centuries long family tradition


For more than two centuries, in this corner of Liguria the tradition has continued to pass from father to son, carrying on an uninterrupted opus made up of precise gestures and continuous innovations, from the experience and passion of people who have always had their sights set on the sea and yet towards the future.

Amico Loano represents the return of the Amico family to Loano where, in 1799, Matteo Amico founded the first Amico shipyard. Over a little less than a century the yard constructed tens of medium and large tonnage wooden sailing vessels. The shipyard carried on building almost to the end of the nineteenth century, when the advent of steel-hulled craft and steam propulsion then marked a sea change in the sailing world. It was precisely in this phase marking great change in navigation and commerce that Michele Amico, a descendent of Matteo located in Genoa, in 1885 started up his business in the port - the Amico Company - providing labour and services to sailing vessels and to ships with mechanical propulsion. The Luigi Amico company has always been capable of interpreting the profound changes in the sector and has been a key player in the introduction of new working practices and in the adoption of avant-garde equipment. In 1991, Guido Amico, together with his son Luigi Alberto, founded Amico & Co which in 1991 started activity repairing and salvaging yachting craft.

Thanks to its ability to interweave its craft and its specialisations into a production organisation, fitted out with the latest structures and systems, today Amico & Co, at a distance of two centuries from the founding of the first Amico shipyard, is a successful and well-known international leader in the superyacht repair and refit sector. Every year the Amico Group watches its enterprises grow, both technically and in terms of infrastructural development, becoming to all effects a byword for reliability and at the same time a guarantee.

Amico Loano, established in 2010, embarks on serving the small and medium yacht service market, a continuation of the Amico family’s project, always adapting to the needs of its own specific sector and offering from the outset the highest levels of quality and of cost optimisation.

  • 1799Matteo Amico, master builder, establishes his shipyard in Loano.
  • 1920Luigi Amico continues the business as a port company in Genoa, still operating to this day.
  • 1991Guido and Luigi Alberto Amico found Amico & Co, a company dedicated to yacht repair and salvage.
  • 2010Luigi Alberto Amico launches the Amico Loano shipyard.

The work of a close-knit and expert team


The team that Amico Loano offers its clients is unique in terms of excellence, professionalism and its ability to form relationships. Often it is these abilities that form the main reason for which the shipyard makes lasting relationships with its clients.

Luigi Alberto AMICO

Shipyard Manager

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