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The experience and competence of the shipyard


Thanks to its in-house workshops, Amico Loano can carry out all sorts of repair and maintenance services, from the most simple of tasks to the most complex of refit jobs.

The efficient quality control, experience and professionalism whilst carrying out works, the environmental policy, and the cost optimisation and efficiency in repair and refit interventions of the Amico Group are available to sailing and motor vessel from 8 to 55m LOA. 
Amico Loano is able to offer more simple specialised services right up to more complex refits, thanks to its infrastructure and its modern equipment, to the competence and know-how gained in the field by its staff and by the entire group.  The Amico Loano shipyard is organised with its own in-house workshops, each one specialised in the most important and significant sectors.

Main services

  • Ordinary maintenance and hull and engine repairs.
  • Specialised carpentry interventions: wood, iron, stainless steel, alloys and fibreglass.
  • Protective coatings and painting of hulls and internal tanks. High quality paint finishes.
  • General mechanics, on-board hydraulic systems, electrics, electronics.
  • Rig service and maintenance of deck equipment.
  • Yacht storage: open air in the yard, covered area or long time berths.

Shipyard workshops

  • General mechanics and systems workshop.
  • Anti-corrosive treatments, finishing (painting), with painting booth.
  • Wood carpentry, fibreglass and joinery.
  • General shipyard services.
  • Technical support and project management.

The latest maintenance equipment


The yard has infrastructures and all the latest equipment for both the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of superyacht hulls and engines.

Thanks to its in-house workshops, Amico Loano can carry out specialised processes of carpentry with wood, iron, stainless steel, alloys and fibreglass. Protective coatings and hull and tank painting, high quality finish painting. 

General mechanics, on-board hydraulic systems, electrics and electronics. Rig service and maintenance of deck equipment. Yacht storage: open air in the yard, covered area or long time berths.

  • Engine repairsThe mechanical workshop offers an efficient service for all routine operations and for specialised works on main engines and generators. An efficient service that can include ordinary engine maintenance, engine overhauling or complete engine substitution.
  • Mechanical worksThe mechanical workshop also looks after the fine tuning of vessel hydraulic plant design and conditioning systems. Apart from the maintenance of on-board systems and deck accessories, the workshop intervenes on the mechanics and plant design of the hull: shaft lines, rudders, propellers, bow thrusters and stabilisers.
  • Metallic carpentryThe shipyard has a specialised carpentry service especially for intervening on stainless steel and alloys. Not just for repair and maintenance jobs for the deck accessories but also light alloy works for engine rooms, bilges and accommodation quarters. Metal carpentry, furthermore, allows yacht hulls and vessel superstructures to be modified and extended.
  • Complete paint jobs Varnished surface polishing, stucco work, top side painting (above the waterline), superstructures and tanks: these are jobs that the internal painting team carries out daily, inside the shed equipped with a spray booth and outfitted for the fine tuning of vessels of up to 24m.
  • Joinery worksAn area of 112 m2 completely dedicated to the interior and exterior fittings of boats, yachts and ships: this is the in-house joinery of the Amico Loano Shipyard, suitable for the complete refurbishment or repair of wooden structures such as bridges and masts of moored vessels.
  • Electrical repairs The electrical workshop carries out all interventions on vessel plant design. Alarm systems, emergency systems, power generating electronic machinery; but also installation and repair of on-board equipment.

The attention that our guests deserve


Services operated by the Loano Marina and by the Loano Marina Yacht Club.

Loano Marina and Loano Marina Yacht Club are fully able to offer our guests all the attention that they deserve: from operative services regarding the maintenance and cleaning of vessels right up to a punctual weather reporting service, from refined on-board catering services to organizing exclusive events at the Yacht Club and at Zeffirino Restaurant & Lounge Bar. 

Everything you need to spend a pleasant and serene time our facilities.

  • Yacht Club Marina di LoanoMarina di Loano Yacht Club represents the sporting soul of the Loano Marina. Inaugurated in April 2012, it launched a rich calendar of sporting events organised together with the Circolo Nautico Loano.
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  • Zeffirino Restaurant & Lounge Bar The second floor of the Yacht Club is home to the restaurant managed by Zeffirino, a name synonymous with Ligurian fine dining, extending inside and opening into a covered portico and 400m2 teak-covered terrace.
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  • On-board cateringThis service is available on request from the Loano Marina Yacht Club.
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  • Weather reporting service Paper weather bulletins are posted on notice boards by the Loano Marina offices.
  • Boat cleaningExterior
    • Cleaning of vessel exteriors 
    • Teak cleaning and treatment
    • Steel cleaning and polishing 
    • Checking and washing of bilges and lockers 

    • Sofa and cushion textiles 
    • Bathroom fixtures 
    • Carpet cleaning and stain removal 
    • Mattress cleaning 
    • Interior sanitisation
    • Disinfection of air conditioning ambients and systems with ozonisation treatments.
  • LaundryWashing Cube Shop: Loano Marina has a local laundry available for crews, in the La Corte building, available for crews.
  • Parking Loano Marina has a total of 889 car parking spaces, for private and public use.
  • Cash machine There is a cash machine at the port situated next to the Loano Marina offices under the colonnades.

A port open all year round


Services operated by Loano Marina.

The port structures of Loano Marina guarantee more than 1,000 protected berths for boats from 8 to 65 metres LOA and the avant-garde yacht services permit all maintenance and repair jobs to be done directly in the Marina. Together with the guest services and all the mod cons, this will make your stay here, in one of the most beautiful places in Western Liguria, an unforgettable experience.

  • Mooring assistance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day The Loano Marina staff are ready to help you with your mooring and departure manoeuvres regarding your berth are available regarding any problem you might have with your boat, your berth and any services that are connected with it. You can ask for help at any time, either by phone or on the VHF.
  • Energy, water, satellite TV and internet supply from charge posts Our charge posts provide water and electricity with 16 Amp single-phase plugs up to 250 Amp three-phase ones. They are equipped with attachments for sewerage collection and sockets for satellite TV and broadband internet.
  • 24 hour surveillance service The service is guaranteed by at least one and up to four watchmen, backed up by 42 surveillance cameras which are constantly monitored by an operator.
  • Video surveillance Loano Marina has a closed circuit television system monitored 24 hours a day, which observes all access points to the Marina plus all the obliged passageways towards the boats, including the port entrance and all central zones of the entire port area.
  • Bunkering Fuelling dock with national diesel fuel, excise free diesel fuel, petrol and sewerage and bilge water collection. The system is equipped with 4 pumps, of which three are high pressure ones which can supply 500 litres a minute.
  • Fire prevention system The Marina is equipped with a technologically advanced fire prevention system. All docks and jetties in the port are equipped with high pressure hoses. All technical personnel are trained in high risk fire prevention.

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